When two great experiences such as the one CERAMICHE DAYTONA has about the ceramic industry and the one in the roofing industry meet, quality always gains us. And aesthetics too. Over 40 years of experience and the combined use of the high-tech, know-how and traditions, led to the emergence of ARDOGRES Porcelain Slate Covering Systems: unique roof tiles realized with great commitment and precision from a dynamic, constant research of technologies and production processes that make it able to offer its customers an impeccable product.

Impressive robustness, ease to install and great (and natural) appearance The porcelain stoneware Ardogres boasts the best technical features:  High abrasion resistance  High physical and mechanical properties  Total impermeability to any chemical aggression  Maximum frost resistance This revolutionary material is the result of an appropriate mixture of different raw materials and the appropriate definition of the production cycle. It is made up of one or more crystalline phases immersed in a glassy bottom paste, made up of natural clays with binding functions, low plasticity clays that provide alumina, fondants and silica that contain retraction.

Ardogres: Tegole di Ardesia Ceramica