The water-tightness of the roofing system is closely linked both to the inclination and to the length of the flaps. Before starting with the installation, it is advisable to check that the inclination corresponds to the indications shown in the table below. It is always useful to refer to the advice of professionals regarding the limits imposed by the local atmospheric conditions. In general, for slopes below 35% and / or for slopes of more than 5 meters in length and / or in areas with strong winds, it is advisable to design the roof equipped with ventilation and equipped with a micro-perforated waterproof membrane.

Size Thickness Wooden slats Spacing
and minimum slop
Pcs/Sqm Weight/Sqm Water Absorption
25x40 mm 10 18cm 35%/20° 22 39,60kg <= 0,2%
25x40 mm 10 16cm 30%/17° 25 45,00kg <= 0,2%
25x40 mm 10 14cm 25%/14° 28,5 51,30kg <= 0,2%

Voce di capitolato

La copertura dovrà essere realizzata mediante la Fornitura e Posa della Tegola in “Grès-fine Porcellanato” denominata Ardesia Ceramica Formato 25x40 o 40x40, Colore (Nero Ardesia, Grigio Pietra, Rosso Granata, Grigio St.Michel ) dotata di bordi di contenimento e fori ad asola per fissaggio su Listellatura Lignea 3x4cm.

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